Monthly Archives: September 2008

Clipping Paths

In photoshop, a path is a vector that you can use to select an area of the content you are working with.  It isn’t a raster selection representation, like when you use an opacity mask on a layer (see below). xanax online no prescription tramadol online without prescriptionThe black/white opacity mask above represents the selection that the saturation layer is acting upon, and it is actually a black and white “image”, if you will.  And that isn’t what a clipping […]

Happy Holidays, 2008

Looking for some content for your 2008 design work?  I do my best to provide a variety of royalty free stock image content for the holiday season, and I’d sure appreciate it if you took a look. All New 2008 Imagery All of my holiday imagery this year is available in iStockphoto’s XXL size, and was shot with the Canon top of the line 1ds Mk3 21MP camera. Halloween is my favorite time of year.  How about some children trick-or-treating? […]

RM vs. RF is a Royalty Free stock photo site.  It does not sell imagery Rights Managed.  You may have heard these terms before, but what do they mean, and what is the difference between the two? To start, they both refer to licensing agreements.  When you purchase an image at iStockphoto, what you are actually buying is a license that gives you certain rights to use a specific piece of content, here a digital image, movie clip, flash composition or audio […]

Do I Need an Extended License

Imagery sold at, and most other microstock agencies as well, is primarily intended for your to use in a promotional, commercial fashion.  We, as contributors, are providing content to help you build and promote your business, or by extension, your client’s business.  I’ll list some examples below. The license agreement, spells out pretty clearly what you can and can not do with content, but sometimes the legalese gets a little confusing.  Let’s see if we can clear that […]

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