Happy Holidays, 2008

Looking for some content for your 2008 design work?  I do my best to provide a variety of royalty free stock image content for the holiday season, and I’d sure appreciate it if you took a look.

All New 2008 Imagery

All of my holiday imagery this year is available in iStockphoto’s XXL size, and was shot with the Canon top of the line 1ds Mk3 21MP camera.

Halloween is my favorite time of year.  How about some children trick-or-treating?

Actually, I think I like Thanksgiving more, with all the delicious food.  I’ve got some new images of my favorite little girl dressed as a pilgrim (and some in casual wear as well).

However, Christmas is definitely the most fun, and the most festive.  I’ve got design elements, like borders and such.

As well, I have some new great people images, decorating cookies, wrapping gifts, shopping online, etc…

Need something you can easily add your elements or copy to?  Try out something in my holiday backgrounds series.

Happy New Year!  Don’t forget my 2009 Happy New Year Candle Series!

Getty Images

I also have a selection of holiday images on Getty Images, including some work with a great female model.

Holidays 2007

Lots of great content was uploaded last year, as well, including my warm Family Thanksgiving Dinner Set.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas

So, if you’re on the lookout for holiday imagery, please take a look at my portfolio.  I think you’ll find something you can use.  In addition, I’ll be uploading more over the next month, so keep an eye out!

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