Monthly Archives: October 2008

Signs of the Season

Just wanted to do a small portfolio update, to let you know some of the content coming into my portfolio at . xanax online no prescriptionIn the next day or so, you’ll see a series coming through about a group of friends out in the park playing football.  It was a beautiful day in St. Louis.  Unlike today when it is 50 and cloudy with frost tonight. tramadol online without prescription buy tramadol online without prescription buy tramadol no […]

The White Card

A popular design element the last few years has been the “white card” style image.  It is basically a person peering over or around a white card, normally a piece of foam core, or posterboard, adjusted to be perfectly white. This type of image can be used above or beside a newspaper advertisement, or a web page, etc.  Anyplace you need a person to draw some attention to your design without getting in the way.  It’s a fun way to […]

Bridal and Baby Showers

Just a portfolio update, and then I’m out of town for the weekend for my 20th High School Reunion.  Whew! This new series illustrates a Baby Shower and, separately, a Bridal Shower.  It includes some games, present opening and other related activities in a home interior.

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