2009 Birthday Cake

A quick portfolio update to go along with today’s article .

I’ve got up a new series of one of my more popular models with a birthday cake celebrating the upcoming new year.  It was shot on purple, with some added flair to stand out a bit from the crowd.



I even did a few with a regular birthday cake, which provided some nice concept pieces with copy space, or easily added copy space.


In addition to my photo work, I’m trying to add some new 3d work into my portfolio.  With my history as a computer modeler at Disney, I had done a lot early in my iStock days, but not lately.  So, currently, I’m adding a cartoony energy concept series:


Over on Getty Images, I’ve added a new series of high resolution images (7 in all) of a football spotlit on black.  Great for the autumn/winter sports season:


As always, thanks for browsing my work!

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