Monthly Archives: February 2009

Use TinEye to Brainstorm

Have you heard of ?  It is to images, what Google is to words.  Basically, it takes any image you feed it, either from your computer, or an online URL, and compares it to over a billion images it has found from scouring the internet.  It has some proprietary technology, that creates a “fingerprint” from the image it finds, stores it, and then uses that to compare to what you are looking for. xanax online no prescription tramadol online […]

Portfolio Update

In case you missed it, we elected a new President, and he took office last month.  Well, guess who stopped by the studio the other day? Ok, it’s not really him, but a whole anonymous concept series on the President of the USA.  Various objects and poses.  Should be fun to use.  Also, a slightly late Valentine’s Day series, including the new model from above… Also, don’t forget, all your “Pot of Gold” needs, for St. Patrick’s Day.  New images, […]

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