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Giving (and Getting) Credit(s)

How to use your iStockphoto Moo card code to get 10 free credits.

Food: Jack and Grill

Ok, I will step away from the buyer’s tips and other photography writing for a second and write about another love. Food! xanax online no prescriptionI hardly do any food photography. My kitchen really isn’t that pretty, and all my equipment is down in my studio. So, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about going out and finding good grub.  And my secret little hobby is trying to make it to places I see on TV, either on the […]

Big Readership Day

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read my Vimeo rights grab post. Today was the biggest readership day ever for this blog. I bought an Entrepreneur magazine to read on the plane yesterday and discovered that is owned by the guys who bring you . Perhaps they see a funny side to this rights grab clause? In their forums, Vimeo posted some legal jumbo jumbo that they need such a ridiculously greedy clause to run their site. […]

This Week’s New Stock

Did two fun sessions for my portfolio last week.  Fortunately for me, unfortunately for you ( 😉 ), I’m going skiing for a few days, so it will be a week or two before a majority get up into my portfolio. The first was a studio session with a great group of late teen female models.  They were all new to me, but they all had great smiles and attitudes.  We covered some technology, homework and scrapbooking images.  There […] Rights Grab?

In a recent thread on, a video contributor described how he had been denied iStockphoto’s video exclusivity contract because he currently has content (one video) on, a video hosting site, sort of like youtube.  People use Vimeo a lot for “how to’s” and “behind the scene demos” as well as experimental and final footage clips. The rejection for exclusivity from iStockphoto read: Exclusivity denied as member has files posted at which grants that company a royalty free […]

Currently Seeking Models

Normally I post on Craigslist or search through ModelMayhem when I’m looking for new models for my stock photography work, but those have failed me as of late in these two areas of population I’m looking for.  Perhaps a post here might help. So, if you live in the St. Charles area, to the west of St. Louis, I’m currently looking for: Active Mature – Senior couples – ages anywhere from 40-70 – should have a great smile and have […]

Portfolio Update

Today’s portfolio update shows off my recent shoots with one of my favorite models, and also with a (mostly) happy baby girl. The first set revolved around “spring cleaning” and a revisit to an early favorite, “customer service”.  I tried to add a little color with some various background papers. With the baby girl, we did a variety of images with her playing with different objects and toys.

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