Currently Seeking Models

Normally I post on Craigslist or search through ModelMayhem when I’m looking for new models for my stock photography work, but those have failed me as of late in these two areas of population I’m looking for.  Perhaps a post here might help.

So, if you live in the St. Charles area, to the west of St. Louis, I’m currently looking for:

  1. Active Mature – Senior couples – ages anywhere from 40-70 – should have a great smile and have a fit, healthy look .  Even if you haven’t modeled before, if you are able to smile and have a good time in various situations, we can work together.  Themes along the lines of “walking the dog” or “playing with grandchildren”.
  2. Married with Children – photogenic parents with child(ren) aged 1-10.  All American type, any ethnicity.  Again, should have nice smiles and be able to thematically play in various situations, like “picnic in the park” or “selling our house”.

I do pay you for your time, and you will get a copy of the images for your personal use.   It’s fun, and your images could show up in magazines or web ads, and your friends will be impressed.  For more information, go to my modeling database site and create a profile with some images.

I’m also looking for some nice homes to use as backdrops for sessions.  Typical suburb, mature trees, higher end exterior, newer construction.  Will pay a small rental fee.


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