This Week’s New Stock

Did two fun sessions for my portfolio last week.  Fortunately for me, unfortunately for you ( 😉 ), I’m going skiing for a few days, so it will be a week or two before a majority get up into my portfolio.

The first was a studio session with a great group of late teen female models.  They were all new to me, but they all had great smiles and attitudes.  We covered some technology, homework and scrapbooking images.  There was also a request on iStockphoto a while back for people with blank t-shirts, so we did some of those with a ring flash, and also on white.

The second session was with two of my regular models, and a new female model.   The theme was an update to two series of construction site photos I did a few years ago.  While they are still popular, I wanted to offer some different faces, and the larger sizes and quality of my Canon 1DS MK3 camera.  The series shows a builder/construction worker, in various scenes in front of a new home.  The other two models played the parts of a real estate agent and an architect, and then a new home buying couple.  Trust Missouri weather, but although it was slightly cold, the partly cloudy sky gave nice light.

You can see more of that series at this link: Construction photos by age

Have a great week!

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