Two Brand New Series

Since I’ve got some new work up, I thought I would post a portfolio update.

The first set, shot this week, is on the bleeding edge of topicality.  Sounds impressive, eh? 😉  Anyways, we’ve all read about the Swine Flu virus that is cutting across all nationalities this week.  Hopefully, it will be eradicated soon, but until then, if you need some concept or science imagery to illustrate an article, or whatever, check out this Swine Flu stock photo series.

Also, two weeks or so again, I finally got to a series I’d been wanting to do for at least a year.  I was able to acquire usage of a storage unit at a local personal storage facility.  The weather held, after one cancellation, the models were available, and the series came off great.  I even managed a few concept shots of a displaced businessman.

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