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In my Jack and Grill post a few weeks ago, I mentioned I was going to try and blog occasionally about my trips to places I’ve seen on the Food Network or Travel Channel.  Jack and Grill was on a Travel Channel show from 2008, that I caught a bit of last night called “Extreme Pig Outs” .  Which reminded me go back over some places I’ve been.  I don’t have pictures or even extended reviews, but I thought it would be fun to list.

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Lambert’s Cafe

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The original home of “throwed rolls”, we’ve twice visited this “landmark” in Ozark, Missouri, on the way to Branson.  It was in the show “World’s Best Places to Pig Out“, which is on all the time on the Travel Channel.  I can’t remember if it was on that show or somewhere else where we first heard about it.

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I think of Lambert’s as Cracker Barrel on steroids.  Everything fried and so much more.  Ok, there’s some stuff that isn’t fried, but it’s all that heavy, stick to your ribs, kind of food.  But, the waiters actually do throw the rolls to you, and it’s so much fun that my son now wants his bread tossed across the dining room at home.  I don’t remember what I had to eat last time, but I do remember several of the “pass arounds” being kind of bland and unimpressive, although, I found I do like sorghum and honey on my throwed rolls.

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The first time we went, we discovered they only accepted cash, but at a subsequent visit they were now taking checks, as I remember.  Suprising the first time, rectified the second, but still dumb they don’t take credit.  Be prepared for a long wait on the chairs outside around mealtimes.  If you can’t wait, I remember there being some kind of cheese and sausage shop in another building next door.

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Pointer’s Pizza

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On the same show as Lambert’s, is Pointer’s Pizza.  Since we are living in St. Louis, once we saw this show again a few months ago, I made a point to head over there with the family for lunch one weekend.

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Note, that this really is a take-out place.  There are two bar type round cocktail tables with high stools, and a pie will fit on the table, but if there’s already two groups eating (groups of 2-4), you’re out of luck, or taking the pie to the park.  The pizza was pretty good, and filling too.  We had a 1/2 cheese and half Mastadon (Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Pepperoni, Beef, Onion, Mushroom, Green Pepper, Black Olive, Extra Chees).  I filled up after a piece and a half, so it is unlikely I could eat the Pointersaurus without fasting for a few days.

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Pappy’s Smokehouse

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While in St. Louis in 2008, Adam from Man vs. Food visited Pappy’s BBQ .  Around St. Louis, there is a BBQ chain called Bandana’s.  Their pulled pork is pretty good, and I like it on their BBQ salad, but after drooling over some ribs on a Travel Channel BBQ show, I was disappointed by their Baby Backs.  So, when Man vs. Food showcased a local joint, we had to go.

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First of all, if you go at lunch, don’t try to enter in the front door.  The place is L shaped, with the counter in the short part of the L.  The lunch line to order goes all the way around the long side, and out the door to the bathroom hallway.  We waited about 20 minutes to get to the order counter.  It only took about five minutes for someone to bring us our food though.

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And the food was great!  For $12, I had half a rack of ribs, sweet potato fries (which I’ve never had), and coleslaw.  The slaw was not mayo based, and was very good.  The fries had a sprinkle of brown sugar on them and were great.  The ribs were the standout, though.  Coated in a great spice rub, the meat easily pulled off the bones and was delicious.  Got to get back there again.  I don’t think I’ll be able to eat the Adam Bomb they came up with for the show though:

  • 6 oz brisket sandwich
  • 6 oz Pork sandwich
  • Frito Pie with a red hot
  • 1/4 chicken
  • Slab of Ribs
  • 4 sides
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Katz’s Deli

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Back in 2003, I had planned a surprise trip with my wife to New York City around Christmas.  When Disney announced they were closing our studio in Orlando, I added an interview at Blue Sky Studios on the end of that.  Aside from musicals and statues, we had plenty of time to visit Katz’s Deli in Manhattan, recently featured on Man Vs. Food, also in Sandwich Paradise, but I don’t think that was where we got the idea to go, back then.

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I remember the restaurant, I remember the sandwich being huge, but that’s about it.  Oddly enough, we managed to sit at the table that Meg Ryan sat at in When Harry Met Sally .  There’s a big sign over the table “Hope you have what she had“, which we didn’t notice until the end.  Very funny.

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Pickle Guys

I think in the same show about Katz’s was a bit on the Pickle Guys .  I like regular supermarket refrigerated pickles as much as the next guy, but what I really like are “new pickles”.  Still green and snappy, yet lightly garlicky, these things are great, and the only place I’ve found them is at the Pickle Guys.  These guys have a bunch of barrels full of pickles at various stages, and olives and sauerkraut, and you just get to call out how much you want and they pack it into a plastic container and off you go.  I remember getting a quart of pickles to take back to Orlando for my parents, who were watching the kids.

Pommes Frites

Again, in the same NY themed show, was Pommes Frites, the NY home of “Belgian Fries”.  The place is tight and tiny, and all they serve is fries, but yum!  Thick cut, tossed with salt in a big metal bowl, and served in a paper cone, you get your choice of like 25 dipping sauces they have listed on the wall.

Ok, that’s enough typing for today.  I think I have one or two more in my head somewhere to dig out.  Another day.

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