This Week’s Portfolio Update

The heat in St. Louis has finally broken.  We were up near 100 degrees last week!   I spent a few days with my son at summer camp, and boy, was that ever tropical.  Even the pool was warm.

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In the meantime, two new occupational/everyday series are mostly online at .

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The first is a revisiting of a topic from a few years ago: The Delivery Person.  Last time, we just did packages, but this time, I added flowers and balloons as well.  To really set the mood, I rented a delivery van and created some signage for the side of it.  I hope it adds some authenticity.

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For more of the shipping series, see:

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The next series is also a revisit.  “At the Veterinarian”.  However, my earlier set was all isolated.  These are in a more realistic setting, with a variety of housepets: a rabbit, cat and two dogs – golden retriever and a peke-a-poo .

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More new stuff appearing in the upcoming days and weeks, so please stop by and check out my portfolio if you have a chance.  As always, feel free to contact me if you have any stock subjects you need covered.

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