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Last week, I was family road tripping through my hometown of Pittsburgh (food reviews coming this week) to Hershey, PA, and back.  However I did manage to notice that my download total has now passed 500,000 licensed pieces of content.  That’s an exciting milestone, not for any practical reason, but just to be able to mention “a half million”.

In addition, I had my first image featured in the bi-weekly promotional iStock/Getty “Hot Shots” newsletter:


While this doesn’t particularly seem to have boosted sales, views are way up, which may or may not be a good thing.

Anyways, that image is part of this weeks portfolio update.  The theme for this shoot was “Doctors”, which is always useful, but here, I was aiming for production value and model variety.  Let’s see the model line up:

  • Caucasian male – 70s
  • Caucasian male – 20s
  • Asian American female – 20s
  • African American female – 30s
  • African American male – 30s
  • Caucasian female – 20s
  • Hispanic male – 20s

Also in the mix, were requests for doctors to not always be wearing scrubs or lab coats (casual or business wear), as well as using professional equipment like stethoscopes, pdas and computers.  We’ve got physicians training, teaching, both in an environment, and isolated group poses.  It’s all there!

Also, new in the mix is a new theme for me: “Hospital”.  This royalty free stock image series features a mid-adult male, child, and models in the 20-30s age range, in a hospital setting, which in this series, means a patient in a hospital bed.  I made sure to include lots of useful copyspace on many of these, as well as some more candid type images.

This series can be found within this search:

… and a big thank you to all the buyers for helping over that “half a million mark”.  Feel free to contact me with any stock image ideas you have or can’t find out there.  Cheers!

2 thoughts on Recent Portfolio Additions

  1. Congrats of the 500K Sean. It is well deserved. It is almost amazing that you have never had a shot in the Hot Shots!

    As usual the latest collection is fantastic stock. I hope it goes well for you, as I’m sure it will.


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