Time for a portfolio update!  It’s been a while, so here we gooooo….

From this post, most of my new images shot at the iStockphoto.com “HQ lypse” in Calgary are online.  You can get to them with the link below.

At The Pediatrician

Now, for the new, fun stuff.  The last of my trio (triage ? :) ) of medical/doctor photo sessions.  You can see these other physician related shoots here.  The emphasis in this shoot was on ethnic diversity and environment, as well as a more edgy composition and processing style.  This royalty free image series features a Caucasian, African American and Hispanic doctors, nurses and patients, including a baby.  The theme here is really “Pediatrics”.

There are even a few addressing vaccinations, which can be used to illustrate school or child issues with the H1N1 or Swine Flu virus.

These can all be found, with the others, in the link below.

Halloween Kid Group

Last year, I had done an exterior costume set up for Halloween, around the theme of “Trick or Treating”.  This year, I refreshed my isolated shots with a group of three 7-8 year old kids, dressed as a pirate, witch and skeleton.  I think these turned out very well, for all the problems I had keeping them out of the candy.  I think you’ll find this series stands out from other contributors’ work on iStockphoto, and will come in handy for this holiday season.

You can find these, and more, at the link below…

Next Time

There’s a whole new series starting to come through the iStockphoto queue, and I’ll showcase those next time.

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