Portfolio Update

Well, the last of this years Christmas themed stock imagery at iStockphoto.com is working its way through the queue.  I think the below two series really came out well and can be used for a variety of different holiday related advertising.

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The first was created specifically for the iStockphoto Vetta collection, and the editors agreed with that goal on most of the images (so that means there’s some bargain pricing on the rest 😉 ).  I spent hours cutting holes and poking Christmas lights through a red velvet background.  I hired local artist Tamara Tungate to do hair and makeup for this series and she did a great job.  I think it turned out really well, with lots of copyspace for designers.

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The next Santa Elf series is more “fun” and these images can be used to accompany, say, newspaper ads with a white background.  Or as borders above a website.   We’ve got themes like, “running out of time”, “stacks of gifts” and “money”.  This 20 something year old model does great expressions and really adds energy to this kind of imagery.

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So, that will probably do it for new Christmas imagery this year.  I am shooting a big Christmas set up this weekend, but I’m going to be tucking that away for next August 🙂 .  You can find the above images in the search linked below.  Thanks!

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