Last week, I blogged about my campaign to raise money for two great kids’ charities, Toys For Tots and Give Kids the World .  Since we are almost halfway through the Dec 1-15 timeframe to total the amount to be donated, I wanted to give an update on where we are.

Drumroll, please

… and the total number of downloads from my iStockphoto portfolio is … 2995 .  Which, at a dime per download, puts the current total at $299.50 between the two organizations.

Also, don’t forget to retweet this story on Twitter for a chance to win 50 iStockphoto credits!  There’s a small number of entries right now, so your chances are pretty good!  I really want to get the word out to buyers to help me boost these totals (there’s some pre-made searches in the other article).  The more downloads that come in, the more the total goes up!

RT @sjlocke to donate $.10 per download 12/1-12/15 from his #istockphoto content: . RT for 50 IS credits contest!

I triple dog dare you to retweet that!  Happy Holidays!

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