In Action From Around the Globe

Sometimes, people “out there” are familiar enough with content and models from my portfolio, that they recognize one of my images in a mailer, or newspaper or website and send me a link, or a scan so I can see it.  Every now and then, I’m amazed when something I’ve created ends up on the other side of the world.  In the huge world of content available, that someone thousands of miles away to pick one of my images just astounds me.

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iStockphoto contributor Pete Seager just sent me a scan of an ad containing one of my images, that he found in New Zealand.  It’s the image in the top right.  New Zealand, wow!  That’s a long way from St. Louis 🙂 .

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Thanks Pete!

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One thought on In Action From Around the Globe

  1. That’s great! I have been into stock seriously for one year now, and have yet to see my first image in use – I know it’s a rare thing but I am looking forward to it!

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