2009 Charity Drive Wrap Up

On December 1st, I blogged here about my 2009 charitable donation in order to raise awareness of two great childrens’ charities, Toys For Tots and Give Kids the World .   Between December 1st and 15th, for every license purchased from my iStockphoto.com portfolio, I would donate $.10 to a pot to be divided between those two organizations.  We’ve passed the final days of the drive, and I’m here with the donation total for 2009.

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Grand Total

  • December 1st – December 15th 2009 iStockphoto.com downloads: 7,711
  • Total Donation Pot: $771.10
  • Donation per Organization: $385.55
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Hooray!  Thanks to all the buyers out there that purchased from my collection of content on iStockphoto and helped me boost the totals up to these numbers.  I’m sure the money will help these groups provide a lot of happiness to children in need.  I am enclosing a letter that includes this:

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For the first two weeks of December, I ran a childrens’ charity drive on my blog, promoting that for every stock image license I would sell from my work on iStockphoto.com, during those two weeks, I would donate $.10 into a pot to be donated between Give Kids the World and Toys For Tots.

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The iStockphoto.com buyers stepped up to the challenge.  I’m happy to report a total of over 7,000 image licenses sold during those two weeks.  Enclosed, please find a check for $385.55, your share of the amount raised.

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Again, if you want to donate to these groups, the links are:

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Twitter Contest Winner

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Also, I announced a Twitter Retweet contest in my original post, where if you passed on the link to the original blog posting, you’d be entered into a drawing for 50 iStockphoto credits.  There really wasn’t too much participation, which surprised me, so those that RT’ed had a pretty good chance.  The names were put into a hat (a cd stack cover, really), and my wife drew out the Twitter user… mystockphoto .  Once I figure out how to get in touch with him, I’ll have him set up with the 50 free iStockphoto credits.

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Thank you again, everyone, and have a great holiday season.

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