A Day in the Life

Over Thanksgiving, my cousin said to me, “So you work at home on your photography, right?  So, what, you get up at 11 and do whatever you like?”.  Inspired by that, here’s a day in my life from this week…

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5:55 Awake
6:00 Check iStockphoto forums and stats
6:35 Hit the treadmill to get the blood pumping
7:10 Shower, get dressed, make breakfast for the kids
7:50 Start setting up strobes and props for 10:00 photo shoot at house
8:15 Run to studio to get unexpected prop
8:30 Finish setting up, print model releases
10:00 Photo session of “Mom” and “Kids” for iStockphoto
12:00 Clean up mess, eat lunch, clean up mess
12:30 Fill out tax forms for accountant
12:45 Scan tax forms and model releases, email forms to accountant
1:00 Dump RAW images to hard drive, start grading them
2:00 Process some images from last week
2:30 Break for yogurt snack, then back to images
3:00 Finish filing bills, releases and receipts from the last 4 months
4:00 Work on shot list for future stock session
4:25 Help daughter with Build A Bear website
4:30 Check iStockphoto forums, various blogs, email
5:00 Make dinner
6:30 Assist son with science project report
7:00 Watch 1st night of American Idol on DVR.  Why do their families lie to these people?
8:15 Put kids to bed
8:30 Process a few more from last week
9:00 Work on keywording waiting images in DeepMeta
10:00 Time to sleep!

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I hope you found that informative and thrilling to no end.  Now, I’ve got something to point my cousin to.

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3 thoughts on A Day in the Life

  1. That sounds ALLOT like my day. Even the treadmill part. There is never boredom because stock portfolios can always be bigger when clients are not around.

  2. I think my day job is easier than that. Except the one thing that drives me to work for myself is the simple fact you can make breakfast for your kids. Time with those you love are what matters to me. Thanks for posting this interesting!

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