Portolio Update

I’ll tell you, I am processing, keywording, processing, rendering, keywording all the time lately.  Let’s jump right into what’s new in my iStockphoto.com portfolio.

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First up, I had a great shoot scheduled with a whole group of models, but it had to be cancelled at the last minute.  One of the models and I managed to get together and shoot a small series of Airline Pilot images.  This mature Caucasian man gives a great look to the Captain’s uniform, and we did a variety of useful shots.   A few of these have even sold already, so I must have gotten something right 🙂 .

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Next up, are two different sets from one of my newer models.  The first series, we used one of those huge, giant, promotional personal checks that you see on tv for contests and rebates and things.  It’s very easy to add in your own text to the check.  Paying taxes?  Getting money back?  Poor?  Rich?  You can sell all those ideas with this series.  (By the way, if you need some with an African American female model, just wait a few days…) The second theme for the model was that of “Easter Bunny” character in costume.  It’s more of a satirical set than a realistic one, if you can have a realistic set of the Easter Bunny.

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Lastly, I’ve got a new swath of fun 3d renders of my “orange guy” (these include a tablet computer, like the recently revealed one), but I’m also going back to re-render some of my earlier ones.  I’ve tweaked the shader for the character, and I feel the new shading is much “friendlier”.  Below, the first is the new shading, the second is the older one.  See what I mean?

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Well, hope you find these all useful, and keep an eye out, as I’ve got more coming every week.  Thanks for buying my work at iStockphoto.com.

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