Portfolio Update

Boy, is the weather nice outside!  In St. Louis, the weather is really perfect outside for about 3-4 weeks before it gets too hot and the sun blazes all day.  Unfortunately, I haven’t scheduled any outdoors shoots for stock, because I’ve been busy on two big location/studio shoots this week.  More on that in the next week or two.  I’m hoping iStockphoto gets its tech back in line, because I’ve been holding back on uploading with all the recent IT issues.  I did manage to get about 50 new uploads in during the first week of April, with some new content, including some requested work.  Let’s take a look.

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First off, I had a request for some new Veterinarian content, on white.  So, I enlisted my rabbit, the model’s friend’s cat and the male model’s friend’s dachshund.  Images are mostly themed around “Veterinarian, Assistant and Owner”, but I shot a variety of different individuals and combinations as well.  I have many more in this series, but I can’t get them onto iStockphoto right now, so hang in there if you’re wanting more.  Click here to see all my Veterinarian images.

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At the same time, for another request, I also did some images of a “hair stylist” with various implements of hair destruction.  There are more of these coming as well.  The series can be seen here.

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For graduation season, I modeled some new accessories for my 3d Orange Guy, and so he is now a happy graduate of some 3d school somewhere with his mortarboard and diploma.

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Last, I had some fun putting together a new background series which could be used for Cinco De Mayo or possibly the Mexican Independence Day.   I created the wood background from some pristine boards, by roughing up the edges and connecting the boards together first.  Then I whacked the boards with a crowbar and a chain to weather it.  Finally multiple coats of two colors of stain gave it an aged look.  Then, various purchased props, foods and drinks, went on.  We’ve got a serape, a margarita on the rocks with salt, a Mexican beer, tacos, chili peppers and some other items.  Lots of copyspace.  These would be great for a party ad or invitation.

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Again, I have a bunch more of these to get onto the site, and once the site issues stabilize, they’ll be up there.  To see the series: Cinco De Mayo Holiday Series .

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Thanks!  Hope you’re enjoying some nice Spring weather.

One thought on Portfolio Update

  1. Well done amigo, the Vet stuff looks like a winner, the hat and chiles composition is pretty useful.

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