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I have to admit, you wouldn’t really call me a golf pro.  I like to whack the balls in the direction of the cup as much as the next guy though.  The Golf Channels says there are 26 million golfers in the USA, which is a nice big, affluent market to sell to.  After all, if you have money for fancy clubs, you probably also buy expensive clothes and go to nice restaurants and take luxury vacations.  Which is why I’ve always had a photo session with golf as the theme in the planning books.

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So, recently, I secured time at a nearby private course to stage such a shoot.  I gathered a nice group of models, and we hit the links.  This diverse group includes men and a woman, as well as varied ethnicities – Hispanic, Caucasian and African-American.

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However, there are a lot of basic, single model shots out there of people driving and such.  I wanted something different, so included the idea of “business at the course”.   The group, with the senior model as “manager” reflect such things as “Team Building Event” or “Corporate Golf Outing” as well as “Texting to Keep in Touch”.   Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a few handshake shots as well. 🙂  I also squeezed in a couple of “Golf Pro Lesson”.  These images are still coming online, but there is a fair selection to start with using the link at the bottom.

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