This week’s portfolio update showcases an extension of a series I did last year, with an African American framed neck down in front of an American Flag holding props relating to various concepts.  Obviously one is supposed to relate the images to Obama, but with the suit and flag pin, they could represent any US politician.

There were some concepts that occurred to me since then for the “President”, as well as a new “character”, the Soldier.  So, we shot some additional images to cover these needs.  The Soldier is in the current Army ACU uniform with generic Army patches and a flag patch.  I covered what I thought might be topics of interest for businesses that serve the military, or the military themselves.  Things like savings, money, home issues, education,etc.  You can see the entire series by clicking on this sentence.

Here’s a look at a few of the new royalty free stock images at iStockphoto.  There are quite a few more to appear in the coming weeks.

2 Responses to New Military and Presidential Concept Images

  1. James Benet says:

    Great lighting and color, #3 is fantastic. That’s one hell of a suit to get for the Soldier. Congrats!

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