There’s Magic in the Air

Today, I wanted to point out a revisiting of a theme I shot several years ago.  New in my iStockphoto portfolio this month, you’ll find the tuxedo’ed magic man your mind always pictures when you hear the word “Magician”.

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This new royalty free stock image series is rich in color, with a red velvet curtain in the background that mirrors the Magician’s tie, although there are also some isolated on white for easy use as a design element.  You’ll find lots of great copyspace for text drop-ins, both to the sides and above.  A full range of concepts, including money, card tricks, pulling things out of a hat and more.  Also, there are some hypnosis concepts I think could really work well for advertising.

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Take a look at this preview, and then click here to see all of my Magician images (more to come in the next few weeks)!

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