A Good Blog Read for Buyers

If you’re a buyer of stock imagery, like the kind I sell at istockphoto.com, you may want to take a gander at this guy’s blog: John Lund.

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I met John at the UGCX conference that was held last year in San Jose. He’s a very nice fellow, with a long shooting history. What you’ll find on his blog, however, are not photographer tips or lighting how-to’s, but more of a behind-the-scenes thought process on how he creates his images. I imagine this kind of thing could be very useful to a buyer. It may help you see beyond just the pixels in the image, to more appreciate both the message, and the creative process behind that message. In the current era, where designers may be balking at anything more than micro prices, John gives good justification for the value derived from higher priced content, in a non-confrontational way.

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John is a contributing member to Blend Images, as well as many other stock agencies. Fellow photographers may find his forays into various distribution avenues an interesting read, as he looks at all kinds of licensing routes, from greeting cards and merchandise, to Rights Managed stock sales, to microstock. This look at distribution may also help buyers brainstorm new ways to get their messages out to the world.

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Besides… who doesn’t like funny cats?

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