Local Farmer’s Market

When talking about feeding the world, it’s all about sustainability these days.  Restaurants are touting local produce that comes fresh from the farm to your table, instead of importing ingredients from across the planet.  People are concerned that their food is organically grown, and are paying more for that factor.   There is a growing demand for accountability in food management, and local farmer’s markets are helping to supply this demand.  We want to know who is producing our food and where it comes from.  Which is the subject of my most recent stock photo session.

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This is just a preview (I’ll pimp them another day), but I wanted to put this up today, as I actually have some “behind the scenes” images of the session to show off.  I thought that perhaps the buyer reading might enjoy seeing all the stuff I had to put together for this one.

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I had seven models, an assistant, five tables, 4 dozen various containers and $250 worth of food, 3 vehicles, 8 cardboard boxes and various other props, including 1 chalkboard.  It took an hour to set it up, and half an hour to tear down.  After the shoot, almost all the food was donated to the local Salvation Army food bank.  Here’s a look at a couple of images, taken by my lovely wife, and what I was seeing through the lens…

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Hope that was somewhat fun and educational 🙂 .

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6 thoughts on Local Farmer’s Market

  1. Nice rundown, the food donation was a great idea. The light seems fantastic, would love to see the finished gallery for my food light-boxes once you get them approved. Inspiring, thank you for sharing some tidbits!

  2. I read with interest your informative behind the scenes exposé. I have to wonder though, with the ever tightening of microstockers commissions… this sounds like an expensive shoot to set up (7 models) how many images will you need to sell to break even?

    • Well, if they sell as Agency level XXXL licenses, maybe 8? 🙂 Yes it was a bit expensive, but it’s an investment I wanted to make. It can also be averaged out with other well-selling, less costly shoots.

  3. You certainly don’t do it by halves Sean. Well worthy of Agency – it’s the sort of shoot that would have difficulty being paid for without it. I hope it all goes well for you.

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