2010 Charity Drive

Last year I ran a holiday charity drive, where, for every download from my iStockphoto portfolio over two weeks, I would put $.10 into a pot to be split between Toys For Tots and Give Kids The World.  Both are childrens’ charities, the former collects and buys gifts for needy children, and the latter brings deserving families with sick children to the Central Florida area.  The buyers who licensed my content last year helped to bring in about $700.  Well, it worked out so well, let’s do it again this year!

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I’m going to set it up a little bit differently this year to keep the excitement up.  The period will run from December 6th through the 10th.  That’s 5 full business days, instead of two weeks like last year.  However, the amount put into the pot to be split, per license, will be $.30 to make up for the time difference.  Also, the minimum in the pot will be $750, so even if we don’t get there, I’ll put up that amount.  So, here’s hoping that 2010 goes out with a bang.

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By the way, if you’re interested in Give Kids the World and its facilities, you can find some excellent images by a Disney friend of mine on the Orlando-centric AttractionsMagazine website, here:

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Again, thanks for buying, and I’ll blog on this again next Monday morning.

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4 thoughts on 2010 Charity Drive

  1. Great idea and inspiring Sean!

    You’ve planted a seed and I am going to do something like this next year. That’s a great way to support good causes.

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