Charity Drive Kickoff Day

Happy Hanukkah, and a Merry Christmas to all!  While many of us are done shopping, still shopping, or ready to begin shopping for things to bring smiles to our childrens’ faces, some people are unable to give those smiles to their families.  Or they need help taking their families to somewhere that can help provide those smiles and laughter.  Last week, I detailed my 2010 Charity Drive effort, to grow a pot of money to be split between two worthy childrens’ organizations: Toys For Tots and Give Kids The World .   Today, Monday, is the kickoff of the drive and I appreciate the licensing that the buyers are doing that enables me to do this.

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Basically, for every piece of content licensed from my iStockphoto portfolio, from today through Friday, inclusive, I will be putting $.30 into the “pot” to be split between the aforementioned organizations.  I will report back Thursday with halfway numbers, and then next Monday with the totals (it sometimes takes a while for IS to update the numbers).  There will be a minimum of $750 in the pot, but hopefully the buyers will be able to push the numbers much higher.

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So, again, Happy Holidays and Happy iStock Shopping 🙂 .

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