2010 Charity Drive Round Up

Ho-ho-ho!  Thanks to the buyers who licensed work from my iStockphoto portfolio last week, there are going to be some happy children this holiday season.  As I blogged about last Monday, for every piece of content downloaded from my stock portfolio last Monday through Friday,  I put $.30 into a pot to be divided between two great kids’ organizations: Toys For Tots and Give Kids The World .  I am reasonably sure at this point that my data from last week is correct, so here are the totals….

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The total number of downloads for last business week is: 2615 .  At $.30 a download, that translates to $784.50, which split two ways is $392.25 for each charity.  I’m happy to see we made it over the minimum I set of $750.  For some reason, there was an uncharacteristic %20 drop in traffic last Wednesday, but in the end, we still had a good total for the week.

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So, today I’m off to drop two checks in the mail (or I might use that funky thing called the internet) to help these organizations help children.  I appreciate your support and wish you the best in this holiday season and in 2011.  Thanks!

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