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A Short iStockphoto Year in Review

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Calculating Price Paid Per Credit

Many times on iStockphoto, a contributor will be concerned that the royalty paid out for a certain size download is incorrect. Since IS sells credits anywhere from $.50 – $1.50, there is a wide range of amounts that could be paid out for any size purchase. You can use the calculator below to see if your royalty payment falls in, or close to, the range mentioned above.

Send an iStockphoto Holiday E-card on Facebook

Just in time for the holidays, iStockphoto unveiled their new Facebook E-card application last week. From the announcement thread in the forums: Now Facebook followers can use a selection of images, video and audio to send each other eCards for all kinds of occasions. The app is free and unlimited in use.

2011 Charity Drive Totals and Donation

It’s December, and that means it’s time for my annual holiday Charity drive.  Last Monday was the kickoff, as I blogged about here.  How it works, is I take my iStockphoto download numbers for the week, and multiply that by a donation level, this year – $.40 a download – and that goes into a pot to be divided amongst three charities.  Well, the iStockphoto numbers have updated, so here is the skinny … (drumroll, please…)

2011 Charity Drive Update

I was hoping to give an update on my sales over the last 3 days from my iStockphoto portfolio, to see how much money the buyers have helped me collect for my charity drive this year.  Unfortunately, IS is currently unable to give timely updates to contributors on sales data, so I only have the sales for Monday and Tuesday.  Which total to 841 sales.  That’s $336 just for the first two days of the week going to the 3 […]

The Latest Rights Grab – Photobucket

With the wide open range of the internet, sometimes social sharing sites prove to be a bit inept at crafting legal terms that correctly encompass the rights they need to provide you with a service.  We last discussed this when Google+ started up, here.  Well, today we discuss something that just popped up on my radar – the Photobucket photo sharing site.

2011 Charity Drive Kickoff

As I mentioned in last week’s blog posting, today is the kickoff of my 3rd annual Holiday Charity Drive.  The proceeds from this effort go to three great charities and the amount donated is based on what buyers are licensing from iStockphoto this week!

2011 Charity Drive

For the last several years, around the beginning of December, I’ve run a charity drive sort of thing, basing a donation to a couple of worthy causes on the amount of content that iStock buyers license from my work over a period of time.  Well, it’s that time of year again! For the first week of December (12/5-12/9), I will be tallying up my daily download numbers from iStockphoto.  For every download, I will be putting $.40 into the pot […]

Tailgate Party Behind the Scenes

A few weeks ago, I showed off my new Tailgating Party Series, which you can find at .   Today, I’ve got a few “behind the scenes” images. Shoots that involve food are always lots of fun to do, and you get to eat the leftovers afterwards.  I spent a couple hundred dollars on spicy chicken wings, sandwich fixings, bratwurst, side items, desserts and beverages.  I also picked up a shiny new grill, although I had my old grill at […]

Prices Inch Up at iStockphoto

Some credit costs per image appear to have slightly increased overnight at Some photo collections and a video collection were affected. In addition, a few prices went down. See the new prices in blue text, below.

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