Apostrophe’s (sic)

My biggest pet peeve is people who cannot use apostrophes correctly.  Like “Rug’s on sale” or “Try our new fry’s”.  Anything like that.  So, imagine my mental battle in suggesting you do not use an apostrophe in an appropriate place for a while.  Like when searching for stock photos.

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The new faceted search on iStockphoto is having serious problems with apostrophes, currently.  A search on “Valentine’s Day” or “New Year’s Eve” returns incomplete results to you, the buyer.  So it really pains me to tell you to not use apostrophes when searching the collection at iStockphoto.  This includes not clicking on the suggested terms when typing.

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Clicking on those auto-suggest phrases will give you an apostrophe headache that even Tylenol: Grammar Strength can’t remove.  Just type your entire phrase, with no auto-suggest.  What you want to do is search like this:

  • valentines day
  • st. patricks day
  • new years eve
  • presidents day
  • etc.
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Just omit the apostrophe, and your results will be much better.  Good luck with your search’s ! 😉

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