Portfolio Update: Editorial

In February, iStockphoto opened its storefront of editorial usage only content.  I hesitate to call it an “editorial” collection, as there are many restrictions on what contributors can add to it, so as not to conflict with Pappa “Getty”‘s interests.  The iStockphoto collection seems to be focused on street photography as well as product shots.  I’ve created some content for the collection shown below, just as an experiment to see how it would sell.  I’m not sure how much of this I will do.

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For example, the collection is already littered with tons of images of Coca-Cola products on white.  I’ve tried to vary mine up by adding additional products from Coca-Cola, for example, like Sprite or Diet Coke.  I’ve also tried to give a different spin on technology product shots like the Apple iPad and iPhone, showing a person using various apps or functions of those devices.

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With the last Harry Potter movie coming out, I’ve tried to give some options for people writing about that release by utilizing the books in ways that would make good side illustrations to those articles.  You can see some of what I’ve done below, which includes products like Tylenol, Bud Light beer, Angry Birds, etc.   Keep in mind, this content is only intended and licensed for editorial usage, meaning newsworthy or similar interests, like blogs, newspapers, etc.

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