iStockphoto adds Live Chat Support

Sometime back in 2010, iStockphoto made an announcement that they were adding live chat support – the kind of thing that a simple click pops up a box with a helpful customer service person to talk to, to solve your issues, or just to keep you company ( 😉 ).  Apparently, there were some issues with the implementation, or the staffing, or whatever, so the icon disappeared, only to resurface yesterday in this thread:

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Starting today you will see a new icon in the top-right corner of the site. Yes, live person is back! However, you may also see the icon grayed out. This means that there are currently no reps available.

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BUT, starting tomorrow, the live chat icon should be nice and bright and colorful and ready for you to use. We will be doing some testing over the next several days to ensure everything is working properly, so if you see the grayed out version come back, it’s just us working out some kinks.

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The icon looks like this (when greyed out, as I haven’t seen it live yet):

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The link appears across the site, simply labeled “Live Chat”.  There is some discussion in the forum on this, as it is not readily apparent that the link brings up a live chat with a customer service representative, and could just be some link to iStock users or something.  A better wording would be “Live Support”, imo, but “Live Chat” may be required by the company that provides the software, a place called LivePerson.  Even on their website, LivePerson doesn’t seem to realize that “Chat now with a specialist” would provide better encouragement than “Chat Now”.  Hopefully, iStock can make this link’s functionality more obvious in the future for buyers.

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So, next time you have an issue, try out “Live Chat” on iStockphoto.

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