Sports Fans Shoot Behind the Scenes

In yesterday’s post, I teased a bit about some “behind the scenes” shots of my recent “Sports Fans” stock photo session.  Let’s see what I can dig up from my assistant’s shooting… (I’m not watermarking these, so if you steal them, I will hunt you down and make you watch “The Bachelorette”).

The costumes, separated by model.
Directing the sports fans.
Assistant giving props to Football fans.
Me, chimping. So sue me!
The arena was set up for graduation on the floor.
Hey you, go get that thing... you know. the thing...
Sean directing the sports fans, with Alien Bees lighting around.
The "National Anthem" shot.
So, here's what you look like... 🙂
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Hope you enjoyed that.  The shoot was lots of fun, and all the participants did a great job as football fans and then baseball fans.

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4 thoughts on Sports Fans Shoot Behind the Scenes

  1. Great series and awesome behind the scenes.

    Wonder how large that Model Release JPEG is 100MP?

    True pro at work, best of all without all the excessive gear and or staff! Show talent at work not pockets or flair!

  2. Thanks again Sean. It is interesting (and I guess encouraging) to see how much you can do with a relatively straight-forward setup and as James says above, without a big team of staff.

    DeepMeta does actually tell you the size of the final model release when it uploads it.

    You need to get some 86 inch PLMs for big crowd shots like that, much more efficient than the umbrellas.

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