iStockphoto Adds Pricing Filter

Today, iStockphoto added a pricing filter to their advanced filtering options (found on the left side of the search results).  This was announced in the forums:

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We’re releasing a new search filter today that will allow clients to sort results by price. By default search results will contain files from every price range. To narrow results, you can select preferred price ranges by adjusting the “Price Range” section on the left-hand side of the page in the search facet area.

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The lowest price level (one dot) represents files requiring fewer credits to download, while the highest price level (four dots) represents files requiring a higher number of credits to download (our premium collection). This “Price Range” filter is a slider that lets the client either select a specific price level or set a range of price levels that they’d like to search within.

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It’s not so much your typical “price filter”, as files can be available at up to 8 different prices each (photos).  Instead, we have a sort of “collection tier” filtering, which has been divided up like this (as far as photos go):

  • one dot: main collection – exclusive images, independent images and the P+ collection
  • two dots: E+ collection
  • three dots: Vetta collection
  • four dots: Agency collection
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Other media types are appropriately segmented out into these categories.  BTW, what do these “dots” look like, you ask?

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This filter shows up right under the media type filters, right near the top.  It is non-collapsible, so it is easy to find.  The top and bottom sliders, … well … slide up and down, to encompass the range of pricing you wish to see.  The refresh appears to be pretty speedy as these things go.

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In any case, this should be a big + for buyers now.  Good work IS!

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3 thoughts on iStockphoto Adds Pricing Filter

  1. I like your explanation on this page. I think the price filter is well-implemented. To be honest, far better than what I thought would happen. I was worried it would be a typical ecommerce ‘ascend/descend’-type filter, which would have been a nightmare….or I thought it wouldn’t be implemented at all, which was clearly not the way to go.

    I’m impressed with the compromise and the format.

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