New Series: Bride and Groom / Wedding Images

It’s fun putting models together to interact, but I’ve been wanting to do an in studio shoot of a bride and groom in tuxedo/suit and wedding dress, and to get a real connection, I wanted the models to actually be in a relationship.  It took me a while (I missed the spring wedding season), but I met a great couple who were willing to don their wedding clothing from last year’s wedding for a recent stock shoot.

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I know there are a lot of stock contributors who are wedding photographers as well (not my cup o’ tea), and have lots of bride and groom images from engagement and wedding sessions to offer.  However, I wanted to do this in studio, with my particular style.  There is part of the series with a gauzy white background, or against the wood floor, and part that are more useful as isolated on white images.  The former are more interactive – dancing, kissing, etc.  The latter use more props – holding money or a calendar, the bride on a scale, and so on.

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Hopefully these stock images will be useful to you as you are planning for fall bridal shows and advertisements.  Are we almost halfway through summer already?

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