iStockphoto Adds Small Credit Pack

The way licensing content on iStockphoto works, is that you, the buyer, purchases a bundle of a certain number of credits, which you then essentially trade when you pick an image to download.  Various sizes of photos or different complexities of illustrations may cost more or less credits.

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On the “PAYG” (Pay As You Go) credit page, you can see the various credit package prices.

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In this week’s Contact Sheet, iStock announced the addition of a smaller pack of 6 credits (@ $1.63 per credit), which should make some buyers happy.  In the past, buyers have complained that they have to buy a minimum of 12 credits, even if they need less.  So, now there is a 6 credit level.  To be honest, I don’t know why you can’t just buy any number of credits you want.  It should be a minimum of 5, for example, to cover costs, and then any amount you want, with various discounts applied at certain levels from there.  However, I don’t know the thinking behind the setup, so maybe there is a reason.

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Anyway, there you go.  A smaller credit pack (albeit at a non-discounted priced).

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One thought on iStockphoto Adds Small Credit Pack

  1. At least one microstock agency I know of has the option to either use their credit system or make cash purchases via credit card. And they promote both methods the same on the file purchase page. That’s especially useful for someone who wants to make a one time purchase.

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