New Series: Blood Donation Center

Back in January, there were reports on the news about blood donation shortages in areas across the country due to the harsh winter weather.  This nudged a stock photo series I had contemplated previously, to the front of my mind.  This would be a series of images of blood donors, clearly in a donation facility, that could be used in hospital or donation center brochures, or even a company flyer promoting a blood drive.  A search across several stock photo agencies showed that there was still a lack of relevant imagery on the subject, so I set out to find a location.

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My initial storyboard ideas were set in a mobile blood donation facility, but I ended up gaining access to a permanent donation center, which actually worked out better, as it makes the concepts very clear.  I gathered a multi-ethnic group of models spanning several age demographics.  The interesting part of this one, is that the models actually donated blood that day ( of course, I compensated them extra for the sacrifice 🙂 ).  So, the series has a “real” component to it, instead of just being staged in studio, for example.

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Hopefully this series will enable those staging blood drives to have access to some quality images they can use to promote their activity.

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Man donating blood.

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Woman donating blood.

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Blood donor and technician.

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Blood donor in chair.

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