Portfolio Update: At the Bar

Today, I wanted to show off my new royalty free stock image series, found at iStockphoto.  The set features a multi-ethnic group of 20 and 30-somethings at the local bar, having drinks and a good time.  I think we were really successful in capturing a “real person” feel here, instead of maybe the over-produced “fake model” look some series can get.

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In the series are Caucasians and African-American bar-goers,  enjoying themselves with friends and libations.  We’ve got people checking cel phones, joining together after work at happy hour, meeting new people and toasting a celebration.  There are images of groups doing shots of hard liquor together, and lighter concepts, like women having a bachelorette party, complete with props for the bride.  Speaking of concepts, there’s quite a few images as well that center around drinking and driving, or preventing underage drinking.  There’s beer, wine and hard drinks seen in the series – purposefully, the bartender model is actually a bartender in real life.

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Take a look below and click the link at the bottom to see the available content in the “At the Bar” series.  These images would be great to illustrate articles about alcohol, advertisements for bar promotions, posters about drunk driving or pretty much anything else bar related.  I hope you find them useful.  Thanks!

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Bachelorette party in a bar

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Handing over the keys in a bar.

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Cheerful bartender in bar.

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Texting on a cel phone in a bar.

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Happy hour with friends.

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Pouring a shot of liquor.

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One thought on Portfolio Update: At the Bar

  1. I really like the richness of the colour in these images. So much of stock imagery is overly bright and high key whereas this series has a real depth and warmth to the colour palette. By the look of it, it’s already doing fairly well for you. Good luck!

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