Where Are Those Display Options?

Sometime last week at iStockphoto, there was some sort of site outage, causing a bunch of strange things to occur here and there at the site.  One issue that has still not yet been fixed is the search return display options.  So, every time you get a search return, you have to reset it to show 200 images instead of 50, or turn back on image titles, etc.  In case you don’t recall how to set these options, here’s a reminder.

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Sort Type and Images Shown

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The default sort type for the search is “Best Match” and the default for images shown is “50”.  Of course, you may want to search by upload date, or display 200 images so you don’t have to page through repeatedly.  These two options are easily found at the top of the search return.

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Image Title, Contributor, etc.

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All the checkboxes for the meta-data that appears under each image is at the bottom of the page.  This is where you click to display/show the contributor name, downloads, title, file number and the loupe pop-image preview image.  Again, this is a bit harder to find, right below the last row of images, but above the footer.

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Hopefully this will be fixed soon so you can set it and forget it.

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2 thoughts on Where Are Those Display Options?

  1. For the past several months iStock has been automatically resetting the ‘sort by’ option to best match whether I like it or not. I used to leave it set all the time to something different which I much preferred. Now this.

    Just one more reason iStock seems to be bleeding customers.

    Is this a management decision or programmer incompetence?

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