Merry Christmas!  Really, already?  Sure, if you’re in the advertising or marketing world, things happen months ahead of time.  That’s why I’ve added more than a hundred new holiday/Christmas images for 2011 to my portfolio

One series is new images featuring my favorite Santa Claus model.  This gentleman is a real Santa, with a genuine fluffly white beard and a luxurious Santa suit.  I’ve created a whole new background for this series of a wall of wrapped presents.  I also added a younger female model into the set, posing with both him and by herself, with Christmas gifts, and various other props.  Sure, there is lots of copyspace to add your text to, and some even have the models looking into that space.

The second series is my favorite mature/senior Caucasian couple around the house at Christmastime, stuffing stockings, carrying gifts, shopping online and writing Christmas cards.  Both this and the other series are very strong in the traditional red tones that are so useful this time of year.

Below are some samples, and then a link to the series.  I also have plenty of other holiday images in my portfolio from past years, so check those out as well for all your needs.

Christmas Couple by the Fire

Santa with Headphones

One Response to Holiday 2011 Images

  1. Parker says:

    Sean, you do some amazing work. Clearly with a lot of thought, planning and fantastic execution. Nice meeting you in Utah!

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