Don’t Forget the “Seasonal Search”

Sometimes the iStockphoto search can seem a little bit daunting.  However, with the holiday season coming up, have no fear.  There are a set of pre-made searches that you can utilize to speed up your search tasks, or even just to brainstorm with.  The Seasonal Search page.

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I blogged on this three years ago, but wanted to revisit it to remind you of this set of searches.

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Clicking on these main categories will bring you to a subcategory page, where various major themes for that holiday are split out into photo, illustration and video subcategories.

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Keep in mind that these are not editor selected, pre-made lightboxes, but living searches of the collection, so the contents will obviously change over time as more content is added to the collection.

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The other thing to mind is the keywords used for these pre-made searches, like:

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Most will make sense, like the search for Santa searches for “santa”.  However, the “Christmas” search is a search on both the words “Christmas” and “Jesus”, which eliminates everything from the return that isn’t a nativity scene.  I’ve complained about that for four years, but you can see it hasn’t made a difference.  So just keep an eye on the search terms in the box in the upper left, and you can “x” out or add anything new you want.

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As a side note, if you’re in the mood for user and iStock created/edited lightboxes, you can always search for “Halloween” or whatever your favorite holiday, from your lightbox management page, which has a search entry box at the upper right.

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To find the Seasonal Search page, click here.

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