Portfolio: New Halloween Trick or Treat Images

I normally plan ahead when it comes to seasonal content, uploading fresh royalty free stock months before a certain time of year.  Actually, that’s what I was doing when I did a recent shoot of kids trick or treating for Halloween.  I was going to save these for next summer to upload, and in fact, I am going to hang on to a bunch so they are fresh, but I liked them so much, I wanted to get a few up this year to give the buyers a chance to have some new imagery for their last minute ads.

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This week’s iStockphoto portfolio update has four elementary aged kids dressed up in costumes as a witch, a pirate, a 70’s disco girl, and a vampire, doing some traditional trick-or-treating for the US holiday of Halloween.  There’s also an adorable three year old girl dressed as Dorothy with her parent, and a mom handing out candy at the front door.  There’s lots of copyspace in these shots as the kids do some posing, as well as some ‘in the moment’ images, including trading candy, taking photos and running from house to house.  Here are some of the images from the series, as well as a link below.

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Later this week, I will post a few “behind the scenes” images from the shoot as well.  Keep an eye out.

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Children trick or treating on Halloween

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Child dressed as a pirate on Halloween.

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Boy dressed as vampire for Halloween.

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Cute Dorothy on Halloween.

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Kids trick or treating on Halloween.

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Kids trading candy on Halloween.

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