I mentioned the other day that I would post some behind the scenes images from my recent Halloween Trick or Treating royalty free stock photo shoot.  You can see some of the images below. 

As you can see, most of the time I was flying using just natural light.  The kids were already antsy from having to dress up, and I didn’t want to waste more time then was necessary when I really wanted to spend my time on getting the right poses.  The shade of the house gave the pictures an early evening look, until some of the later in the series that had the light cast across the lawn.  I did use an off camera speedlight while on the porch as there was not much sun bouncing into there.  On one hand, I think I should have bounced it off the porch roof, but on the other, the more direct light gives it the look of coming from a porch light.

One particular issue I had was that the kids kept trying to eat the candy, and most of it was from a shoot several years ago.  Stale!

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