Portfolio Update: Traditional American Thanksgiving Dinner

Time for another iStockphoto portfolio update!  It’s been a few years since I created a stock photo series revolving around my favorite meal of the year, so I figured the time was ripe for new Thanksgiving images!

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This new series has over 40 images of a multi-generational Caucasian family preparing and enjoying a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner.  The grandparents, parents and children all join in creating and enjoying the meal, highlighted, of course, by the roast turkey.  They’re making crafts, garnishing the bird, watching tv, pouring wine and passing the potatoes.

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I’ve tried to provide a wide variety of compositions here, both with the family looking at camera, and more candid ones.  Some simple processing, some a bit more edgy with alternative color.   The palette is mostly light, pastels and blues, with the darker cabinets to provide contrast.   These images would make great accompaniaments to blog posts or advertising campaigns about the holiday, or dining at home in general.

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By the way, if you’re interested, the turkey was a real simple creation.  I used Alton Brown’s famous recipe as inspiration – keeping the same aromatics for inside the bird.   A stick of butter mixed with a few tablespoons of poultry mix, plus some extra sage and rosemary went under the breast and leg skin, and was rubbed on top as well.  Note, there’s a reason he suggests oil – the 500 degree first half hour made a lot of smoke with the butter, so I had to turn it down and cover with foil.  The occasional baste, and it was ready for photos 3 hours later.

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Check these out and click the link at the bottom to see them all.  Thanks! (giving)

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Thanksgiving turkey in oven.

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Grandfather with Thanksgiving turkey.

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Thanksgiving turkey.

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Praying family at Thanksgiving

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Family at Thanksgiving dinner.

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Watching Thanksgiving Football

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    Your new website looks great. A clean, modern look. Nice work.

    I’ve followed your blog for quite awhile and would like to continue. Unfortunately, I can’t find any kind of link for an email notification for new posts. Is there one hiding away somewhere? Thanks.

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