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As I wrote the other day, I’ve just moved my site and blog to my domain.  Of course, I’ll spend a while tweaking and adding things, so I wanted to introduce something I created this week.  The iStockSearcher widget.

Over there, in the sidebar on the right, you’ll see a new “Search on iStockphoto” text box.  Say you’re reading today’s blog, and you’re suddenly struck by the desire to do a quick stock image search on “cats”.  Now, there’s no need to leave the blog you’re reading.  Just head over to that search box, enter in your search term and hit the “Search” button.  Faster than you can say “I has Cheezburger”, you’ll get a scrollable window below the search bar with a multi-image preview of that search on iStockphoto .  Your choice – “Best Match” sort or “latest”.

Want to see more images?  Easy – just click the link at the bottom to see the entire search open in a new page.  Slight warning – this functionality only works on single word keyterms or single words connected by a space.  ie “man” will work, but “red carpet” will return a search for “red” and “carpet”, not “red carpet”.  Hope you enjoy this new functionality!

5 thoughts on Do A Quick iStockphoto Search

  1. By the way, over on the right under the “The latest additions to my ..” – The top image and link are not working as links, the text is a different colour but when you mouse over it you can’t select it and you can’t select the picture either. For the middle image, the text again isn’t a link, but the picture is. The third image, both the text and the image are working ok.

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