Tailgate Party Behind the Scenes

A few weeks ago, I showed off my new Tailgating Party Series, which you can find at iStockphoto.com .   Today, I’ve got a few “behind the scenes” images.

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Shoots that involve food are always lots of fun to do, and you get to eat the leftovers afterwards.  I spent a couple hundred dollars on spicy chicken wings, sandwich fixings, bratwurst, side items, desserts and beverages.  I also picked up a shiny new grill, although I had my old grill at the “back party”.  I kept a few models together under another pop-up in the background to give more depth to the images.  Tailgate parties always have these pop up shades, and we had two there for the shoot.  There are also professionally printed signs for “realism”, which weren’t cheap.  The multi-ethnic group did a great job acting out the parts of people having a great time before a football game.

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6 thoughts on Tailgate Party Behind the Scenes

    • There’s no electricity around for this one, and I don’t have/need a generator for my ABs. The ambient was fine, and the speedlights provided highlights. When I’m outside, I normally just stick with speedlights.

  1. Like the new site Sean. This behind-the-scenes images are great. I was also surprised to see you using so much ambient light. Clearly you make it work. I see one accepted in your port…looks very nice. Looking forward to seeing final images from the shoot.

  2. Sean, if you don’t mind I’m interested to know how you budget a shoot like this?
    On average what would you spend on a day of shooting and where is the money most spent,what is your expectation for CPI, RPI and how many images do you on average make from a scenario like this?
    Thanks in advance

    • I don’t really budget per shoot. I spend what I need to to get the job done without going too overboard, while trying to spread costs from other shoots (ie, multiple uses of team shirts, etc.). Most of the money here went to the models, around $30/hr for several hours each. More than a hundred for the food. Props from previous related shoots. I also don’t manage expectations, except for “Boy, I hope these sell!”, lol.

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