2011 Charity Drive

For the last several years, around the beginning of December, I’ve run a charity drive sort of thing, basing a donation to a couple of worthy causes on the amount of content that iStock buyers license from my work over a period of time.  Well, it’s that time of year again!

For the first week of December (12/5-12/9), I will be tallying up my daily download numbers from iStockphoto.  For every download, I will be putting $.40 into the pot to be divided between three great causes.  Two of them you know from previous years.  There’s “Give Kids the World“, an organization that covers all the expenses for seriously ill children and their families to visit Orlando and its attractions.  Next, we have “Tots for Tots“, the toy drive sponsored by the US Marines, where they distribute toys to needy children.  Last, I’ve added “The 100 Neediest” to the group.  It’s a local St. Louis charity, providing some help to those in need in the holiday season.  For example:

On a cold day in March of 2010, Ms. G and her daughters, ages 12 and 5, survived a house fire that destroyed most of their meager possessions. The bedding, shoes, clothes, living room furniture, washer and drier, dolls, favorite books, even the eldest child’s little digital camera — all ruined. Ms. G is no quitter. She is a responsible, single mom with a full-time job as a housekeeper at a local hospital. But with an income of less than $1,600 a month and a mortgage and utilities to pay, Ms. G has little left to spend on gifts.

A certificate for some toys and decent used household items to replace those that were lost would help the Santa of this little household make Christmas special for her girls.

So, if you’re out browsing for stock imagery for your project, take a second and check out my iStockphoto portfolio.  … and have a happy holiday season.

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