2011 Charity Drive Totals and Donation

It’s December, and that means it’s time for my annual holiday Charity drive.  Last Monday was the kickoff, as I blogged about here.  How it works, is I take my iStockphoto download numbers for the week, and multiply that by a donation level, this year – $.40 a download – and that goes into a pot to be divided amongst three charities.  Well, the iStockphoto numbers have updated, so here is the skinny … (drumroll, please…)

Downloads for the week, Monday through Friday came in at 1997.  Unfortunately, that’s a bit down from 2615 in 2010 and 7,700 for a two week period in 2009.  The week started out fairly strong but puttered out a bit at the end, perhaps due to all the furor over Albert Pujols leaving St. Louis (sigh).  Anyways, I had expected a steady level or slight drop from last year, which is why I bumped up the donation level.  So money-wise, 1197 x $.40 brings us to a total donation of $798.80 .  Which I am just going to round to $800.  That translates to $266.66 for each of the following: Give Kids the World, Toys for Tots and 100 Neediest.

To be honest, instead of sending it all electronically to Toys For Tots, we actually went out and bought some toys at Target to drop off at a donation center, totaling $149.  They had a really nice buy one, get one half off sale on Nerf, Legos and Barbies.  So, they will get the balance electronically of $117.66 .

The other two charities will get the full cash amount of $266.66 .  And by “will”, I mean they already have it in their accounts:

Ok people, let’s take that and get going – make someone’s holiday better this year!

Thanks to all the buyers who licensed work from me last week, and all weeks during the year.  Your continuing purchases make these donations possible.  Merry Chrismukkawanza to all.

4 thoughts on 2011 Charity Drive Totals and Donation

  1. Wonderful Sean. I will do that too.

    Love to see that you actually went to buy toys!

    All my respect!

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!


  2. Great initiative Sean, but I’m sure I’m not the only person who is disheartened at the massive drop off in DLs in 2 years for you. That is amazing (and horrible).

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