Send an iStockphoto Holiday E-card on Facebook

Just in time for the holidays, iStockphoto unveiled their new Facebook E-card application last week. From the announcement thread in the forums:

Now Facebook followers can use a selection of images, video and audio to send each other eCards for all kinds of occasions. The app is free and unlimited in use.

Basically, the app will offer you a selection of images, to which you can then add a logo and a message to, and then it will ask you to pick from your friends list the recipients.

While you will need to allow the app access to your data on first use (it needs to get the list of your friends), the recipient does not need to install the app to see the e-card.  It will show up on their “activity log”, and they can then make it show up on their “timeline” if they want to.  They’ll also see a notification fade in and out, but they won’t get a clickable link in their notification list.  So, don’t be surprised if some of your recipients miss the note.  When they do click, they will see is something like this:

You can see my “Happy Hanukkah” message there at the bottom left.  If I had uploaded a logo, it would go in the upper right of the image.

So, nothing groundbreaking, just a fun little Facebook app.  Happy Holidays!

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