A Short iStockphoto Year in Review

Here’s a collection of links from the iStockphoto forums, looking back at 2011…

iStock Year in Review:

1/7/11 Revised RC targets for 2011 royalties announced: link
1/10/11 kelvinjay joins the forum team: link
1/11/11 First year of RC determined royalties goes live: link
1/11/11 ASA Changes take effect, including individual file type exclusivity: link
1/19/11 Price Adjustments to various media: link
2/1/11 Editorial uploads open for photo submission: link
2/2/11 December fraud royalties removal announced: link
2/15/11 JJRD announces iStockalypse London: link
2/17/11 Editorial content available for sale: link
2/23/11 Vetta for Vector and Video announced: link
3/9/11 Additional fraud royalties removal announced: link
3/17/11 iStock matches donations to Japan Tsunami relief: link
3/30/11 2011 for 2012 RC targets delayed: link
4/19/11 Discussion on separating V/A from regular collection: link
5/5/11 Photo+ for independents goes live: link
5/6/11 PNG coming to iStock announcement: link
5/18/11 Social Network buttons added to image pages and lightboxes: link
5/18/11 PNG details announced: link
5/24/11 New wording of refund notices: link
5/25/11 Live Chat added to iStockphoto: link
5/30/11 Search facet added for editorial only: link
6/1/11 rogermexico takes a vacation: link
6/3/11 2011 for 2012 RC targets announced: link
6/6/11 Partner Program forum added: link
6/15/11 Google Image Search rears its head: link
6/23/11 Graphical price filter added, allowing higher priced collections to be filtered: link
7/25/11 referral program bump to $20 announced: link
8/4/11 kkthompson announces move to NY, new part time GM Rebecca posts: link and link
8/17/11 Contributor survey sent out: link
8/29/11 New ASA introduced, including mandatory inclusion of independent content in the PP: link
9/28/11 rogermexico moves to Content Manager: link
10/11/11 New outsourced referral program announced: link
10/27/11 New referral program goes live: link
11/1/11 Exclusive contributors invited to view Getty research: link
11/2/11 iStock images used in Gmail themes: link
11/15/11 Some prices changes for various media: link
11/17/11 RCs disappear causing all royalty rates to drop to base levels: link
11/29/11 Still no last download information since 11/1/11: link
11/24/11 Scheduled site maintenance: link
12/1/11 Explanation for 11/30 downtime from 12/26 maintenance: link
12/5/11 iStock releases article on needed imagery: link
12/22/11 Revised RC 2011 for 2012 targets announced: link

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